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Vegan Pet food your dog is sure to love

You read that right! Here's why this plant based dog food is here to stay.

As pet guardians, we've come across other hoomans who have dogs who are allergic to the food they eat (most commonly characterized by excessive itching, patchy skin, or oily skin). If this sounds like your pet too- it may be time to consider switching your dog to a Vegan diet.

....But wait, don't dogs need meat to thrive?

Nope- while dogs are believed to be carnivores descending from the wolves, they're actually omnivores. Meaning their body can process and derive the necessary nutrients from fruits and veggies.

You can feed your dog complete and balanced Garden of Vegan foods daily, with love and confidence. Give it a try and switch to Halo Vegan Pet food. It's an award-winning recipe with many applications. It uses plant protein from nutrient-rich chickpeas and peas, with no animal protein or fat, and no dairy. It provides digestible carbohydrates and is a great alternative for protein-sensitive dogs. It does not contain any wheat, corn, rice, or any other "extenders"- giving your best buddy only the best of the best every mealtime.

That's why Halo insists on using only non-GMO vegetables and plant-based ingredients (and NO rice filler) in our Garden of Vegan® kibble diets..

Plant Proteain Glycemic Index*

Make the switch and get your dog Vegan Pet Food

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FAQs about Vegan Dog Food

  • Is a vegan diet healthy for my dog?
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  • Why would I choose to feed my dog vegan dog food?
    Pet parents may choose to feed their dog a vegan dog food because it is a holistic alternative diet for protein-sensitive dogs. (And Halo Garden of Vegan® doesn't use any rice so it's a completely plant-based protein from whole grains, green peas, and chickpeas.) It is also an option for vegan pet parents who would like to include their dogs in their meatless lifestyle, or anyone who wants to reduce their carbon paw print, since avoiding meat even one day a week can make a positive impact on the environment.
  • Can adult dogs get all the nutrients they need from a meat-free of vegan diet?
    Yes. Dogs are omnivores (not obligate carnivores, like cats). The nutritional value of a dog diet is measured by its essential amino acids—the building blocks of protein—not by the protein type. Halo's Garden of Vegan® delivers all these essential nutrients through meat-free protein, and is a complete and balanced recipe.