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Why we love Vigor and Sage pet food

Most pet food manufacturers add an unnaturally high amount of fiber in their pet food. This makes it hard for your pet's bodies to absorb certain nutrients in those diets.

Whereas, Vigor & Sage has developed a holistic approach by creating a range of fine foods with natural herbal boosting effects. They use real meat, fruits, and ancient herbs such such as Ginseng, Green Tea, Lily Root, Oat Grass, Wolfberry,and Seaweed to ensure that your pet gets the quality natural foods for a healthy and long life. All Vigor & Sage products are also specifically formulated to minimize the risk of food allergies.

Made with Natural Ingredients

Wolfberries (Goji Berries)

Helps support your pet’s immunity and combatfree radicals, and are also known to help preventthe growth of cancer cells and regulate bloodand cholesterol levels.


Rich source of minerals and protein (amino acids)with a range of medicinal characteristics, includinganticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.It can enhance immunity and energy as well as improve digestion.

Green Tea

Filled with important nutrients and antioxidants.It also helps remove harmful bacteria in the mouth,improving dental hygiene and leadingto fresher breath.

Lily Root

Excellent source of vitamins, which help take care of the skin for shiny, healthy and beautiful fur.


Helps build resistance, reduces susceptability to illness, and promotes health and longetivity

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