Siamese 101

So do you really know all about Siamese Cats?

Here are some additional tidbits from Pet Wave:

“Siamese cats are known to be affectionate, friendly, loyal and bold. The Blue Point Siamese is said by some to be the gentlest and most affectionate of all the Colorpoint Shorthair varieties, although certainly many fanciers of the other Siamese color varieties might dispute that characterization. Siamese have been described as precocious, gregarious, intelligent and outgoing. They are extremely friendly with people and other pets that they know and like, and they thrive on companionship and affection. They form extremely close bonds with their primary caretaker and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. They often do better kept in household pairs or small groups, so that they can entertain each other while their owners are away. Some Siamese can have a nervous personality and most do not like sudden changes in their living environment. Siamese can be aloof toward strangers and are often skittish around newcomers to the home.

Activity Level

Siamese are agile, active, athletic cats. Despite their refined appearance, they are hard-bodied and muscular and can be quite lively and playful. They do well with lots of toys, a scratching post and some cat climbing furniture. This is a good breed for people who want a cat that gives them lots of attention and interaction. Siamese can entertain themselves with toys for hours on end. They also are natural fetchers.

Behavioral Traits

Siamese always have a lot to say, and they usually always have the last word. One of their most well-known characteristics is the legendary ability to vocalize. Siamese are the most extroverted and vocal of all domestic felines. They will hold conversations over almost anything, with food and human attention being at the top of the list. Their loud, long meows sometimes sound like a human baby’s cry. Intact female Siamese (and almost all Torties and Tortie Points are female) have a particularly renowned noisy call when they are interested in finding a breeding partner. In a nutshell, these are cats with loud voices that match their big personalities.

Another behavioral trait of this breed is their tendency to thrash their tail when bored. They can be a bit demanding of attention. They are fastidiously clean and easy to care for as an indoor companion. They crave warm places and are fond of piling up with people or other animals. This is a breed of many extremes and makes a unique, wonderful companion.”

There you go! Enjoy your time with your Siamese Cat!