To Leash or Not to Leash?

It goes without saying that dogs actually prefer their freedom so they may be inclined to prefer forgoing the leash. However there are some things to consider and circumstances you should weigh out the pros and cons.

According to Shibashake here are some things to consider:

“Even the most friendly dogs may run into traffic, jump and knock down children, and chase after neighborhood cats.

Therefore, it is crucial that we do not let our dogs off-leash unless they are well trained to come to us on command consistently and reliably. Anything less would be irresponsible because we will not only be putting our own dog at risk, but other people’s dogs as well. Incidentally, consistent and reliable recall does not mean shouting at a dog 10 or more times, and maybe he comes back to us after doing whatever he wants to do.”

So as dog owners we need to choose responsibly so we get the best time with our pets and at the same time make sure they do not get into trouble.

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Have fun but be responsible!