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What exactly is the "BEST" pet food?

With so many brands in the market, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best option for your pet.

We're here to help you figure it out!

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Prevention starts with their pet food

Our pets get nutrition and energy from their food.

Healthy food means healthy pet!

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  • Francine & Billie

    "We are so relieved that we are able to save on costs and can stop going to the vet for his fur problem!"

  • Issa & Pita

    "I hate writing reviews pero I’m still in shock that this worked."

  • Rica & Peanut

    "It gives me peace of mind knowing he’s on a truly healthy diet."

  • Melonie & Hammy

    "If you read this, google animal by-product and avoid at all costs!!! If you’re like me, it will save you… and your dog too."


What do I need to look for when buying pet food?

Whole Meat or Real Meat are animal muscle tissue. This is the highest quality and least processed source of protein found in pet food. It is also highly digestible and nutritious. Other sources of protein are Poultry and Fish.

However, most pet food manufacturers use Meat Meal or Meat By-products as their main source of protein as they serve as cheaper, low quality alternatives to organic whole meat.

Check out our easy Pet Food guide HERE.

How can I properly transition my pet from one food to another?

It is important to switch the pet food gradually.

Switching too fast can lead to upset stomach and in more serious cases, vomiting or diarrhea. Any time you decide to change your pet's food, you should make sure to do so gradually to give their system time to adjust to the change.

Learn more HERE.

I still don't know which food to get for my pet. Help!

Talk to us! We would be glad to assist you in your selection process as we understand that not all pet needs are the same. You may reach us on 0927 886 0086 or @mogandmarley on Facebook and Instagram.

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