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Vegan Pet food your dog is sure to love

You read that right! Here's why our this plant based dog food is here to stay.


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Dra. Sarah Dodd


Most dog and cat foods contain meat from other animals – typically chicken, turkey, or salmon. But what is meat? It might sound like a straightforward question, but the ‘meats’ used in dog and cat food aren’t necessarily the same kind of meats you would find in a grocery store.

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Dra. Maricelle Licuanan-Resurreccion


What makes Vigor & Sage unique is that the source of protein in the kibble is not a meat by-product. Then add the incorporation of herbs as a supplement makes the food and you have the perfect balanced diet. The herbs serve as antioxidants that aid in reducing the risk of disease

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Dr. Dimitry Konstantinova


Unlike other pet food brands, Vigor&Sage uses only whole meat in its ingredients – no traces of animal by-product. It’s complimented by carefully selected herbs that are specific to the needs of every pet. They are flavorful meals that have naturally incorporated health benefits for all pets.

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Hi Pet Parent! Need help choosing the perfect food for your Pet?

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