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150mL Bearing Formula 5 Tick and Flea Dog Shampoo Smelly Hair -mog and marley

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Brand: Bearing

Net weight : 150ml

Benefits: Anti-tick & flea shampoo for dog

Active Ingredient Cypermethrin 0.10% w/w

Bearing shampoo is formulated for dogs to kill fleas and ticks .

Bearing shampoo has long lasting scent and can also be used as a preventative against parasites.

Direction:1. Dilute clean water with the shampoo at ratio 1:1 (shampoo 10ml mix with clean water 10ml,for example)2. Apply and massage the diluted solution through all over the wet pet especially its paws and leave for about 5 minutes.3. Rinse off well with clean water until the water from pet's fur runs clear.4. Dry pet's fur with clean towel5. To protect your pet from tick and flea, we recommended to use the shampoo every 1-2 weeks or once tick and flea found on petEffectively removes ticks and fleas with regular usage.Just mix 1 bottle cap of the formula and add with 1 jug of water (~1.5 L water)Spread into your dogs' fur and body avoiding eyes and nose area. Leave for 5 minutes before rinse thoroughly with water.Please wear gloves while treating your dog.


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