Grooming for Dogs at Home: Brushing and Bathing for Beginners

Image of a wet dog covered in a towel after bathing

We might not always have the time or the budget to take our dogs to the groomer. With that said, even if we can, it’s very important that we take care of our dogs’ hygiene and grooming when we’re at home to ensure they stay happy and healthy, and free from sickness or disease. Though for new dog owners, a question of “where do I start?” may come to mind - so here’s what to do.

Good hygiene habits

As dog owners, we have to get into the habit of grooming our dog. While we certainly don’t need to do it every day, some dogs may require more grooming than others. Through grooming, we can also check if our dogs have any visible problems like on their teeth, skin, or nails. If we can get our dogs to associate grooming time with love and treats, they’ll look forward to it, and at the same time, we can keep them safe and clean.


The number of times you need to brush your dog in a week may depend on their breed and fur. Some dogs may require it once a day, but generally, daily attention is always good. Consult with a vet or the breeder of your dog for the interval needed. 

Dogs with long hair may need pin brushes, while others with short, medium, or even long hair as well may need the use of bristle brushes. There’s also other tools that we can use that are available at pet stores here in the Philippines like clippers, rakes, hairdryers, slicker brushes, and rubber curry combs to polish smooth coats and remove dead hair. While you’re brushing your dog, make sure to check their skin, behind their ears, under their legs, for knots, and for any dirt, cuts, or scrapes. Regular brushing ensures their fur doesn’t get tangled, that dirt comes off, that their coat is healthier and their skin is massaged, and that their shedding is controlled.


Dogs do not need to bathe daily. They do, however, need to bathe regularly, but not frequently, as it could make their coat dry. This also depends on their coat and breed. When bathing our dogs, use a mild shampoo that’s made for them - don’t use human shampoo! You can find these in many pet stores out there in the Philippines. To begin, wet the dog with warm water and apply the dog shampoo from the neck and back - lather it and scrub them. Rinse them and once you’re done, dry them with a towel. You can also use a blow dryer - and make sure to comb or brush them after you’re done.

What else?

Grooming your dogs in your home doesn't end here; there are plenty of others to learn like nail trimming, brushing their teeth, and cleaning their eyes and ears. As responsible dog owners, it’s up to us to learn how to take care of our dogs at home and keep them clean and healthy! 

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