What Dog Food is Best For Puppies? Here’s What You Should Consider

What Dog Food is Best For Puppies? Here’s What You Should Consider

A new puppy in the family will always brighten up a home. Our cute pals, at their really young age, require a lot of things to grow into a healthy and happy dog. The dog food that we give to our growing puppies is perhaps the most essential part of their growth, and as dog owners, we have the responsibility to choose wisely in this matter. With that said, what dog food is best for puppies? Here’s what we should know when we make that choice.

Life-stage appropriate

Around a store or an online shop for pet food, you might see words like Adult, Puppy, or Senior. It’s very obvious that we should pick dog food tailored for puppies. Just like us humans, the nutritional needs that a dog has varies according to its life stage. This is the first thing that we should consider when picking the right dog food. While they’ll almost certainly eat everything, it’s required that we give them what’s appropriate for their age.


Puppy food requires higher amounts of calories compared to adult dog food. As puppies generally play a lot and have a lot of energy to spend, their caloric intake is considerably higher. They’re also growing constantly, with their brains developing and their bodies growing, we’ll need to ensure that the dog food they have supports the amount of calories that they need for their growth and daily activities.

Nutritionally complete

It goes without saying that the diet of a puppy should be nutritionally complete. Their diet should have the right amount of minerals, vitamins, nutrients, carbohydrates, and proteins. Puppy dog food has higher levels of fat and protein content, and it also has slightly higher levels of calcium and phosphorus. Note that dogs are omnivores, meaning they can eat both meat and vegetables and can use the nutrients that both provide!

Size, breed, and other considerations

Another thing that puppy owners should also consider is the size and breed of the puppy. Some breeds may require specific dietary requirements. Other breeds might have health concerns that need different amounts or kinds of nutrients from the norm. Very small or large puppies for their breed’s size also have different needs. There are also dogs that are allergic to certain types of ingredients found in most dog food - in that case, you’d have to try out hypoallergenic dog food instead. It is very important to do your research and consult with a vet if your puppy may have different dietary needs depending on their health or breed.

Key takeaway

As puppy owners, it is our responsibility that we take a lot of care into ensuring that our puppies grow into healthy and happy dogs. To find out what dog food is best for puppies, especially for ours, we should do our research and choose wisely on what we are going to give them.

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