CASE STUDY: Overweight Pet

CASE STUDY: Overweight Pet

“Our vet had been prescribing Peanut with a brand of vet prescribed pet food for his weight gain over the course of the thousand levels of quarantine’s we’ve had. We did feed him a lot of different goodies also since there were so many that caught our attention on social media! What’s strange is even after we stopped those goodies and switched to the vet prescribed food, his weight never improved. In fact, he became more lethargic pa. It was worrisome.

Earlier this year, I saw an ad online for Halo Pet Food. I decided to do more research on it so as not to make the same mistake I did with all those goodies before! It got me curious knowing they didn’t use any by-product or fillers in their ingredients. I figured, what the heck, let’s try it.

After nearly 3 months since our transition to Halo, Peanut is almost back to his recommended weight already. He also seems to be more content with his food more than ever. Prior to lockdown, when we were on a different brand of pet food, he always seemed to get hungry again. This is regardless of how much we fed him. I’m guessing it’s the by-product and fillers nga in other brands that makes them go hungry all the time – parang MSG! Our vet was in shock at Peanut’s change considering the vet prescribed food didn’t help. Medyo in awe nalang din siya. Pretty cool!

I’m truly grateful to have stumbled upon Halo. It gives me peace of mind knowing he’s on a truly healthy diet. I promised Peanut I’ll never let him get off track with weight/lifestyle again!

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