"I hate writing reviews pero I’m still in shock that this worked."


Si Pita NEVER eats dog food. Let me reiterate, NEVER! It’s one of the most frustrating things I have to deal with everyday kasi lagi nalang table food or raw food from different vendors yung pinapakain ko. I was told to try Vigor&Sage by one of my friends. Good experience daw siya. I didn’t really believe pero what did I have to lose, diba?

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"We are so relieved that we are able to save on costs and can stop going to the vet for his fur problem!"

Francine & billie (patchy skin, mounting vet costs)

“When we got Billie, he was full of life and his fur seemed to be in great condition. After a few months, we noticed that he started to scratch so much (especially behind his ears!) and that large clumps of fur would fall down. It got so bad that we had to let him wear the cone of shame- which he hated and would always try to bite.

We also started to have feeding problems with his old dog food- he would smell it and he would take a few bites but he would never finish the whole bowl- mind you, he eats EVERYTHING (rocks, leaves, plastic, etc). We tried out 2-4 different brands but he would never eat it. We had to resort to giving him milk for meals, which isn’t the most nutritious meal.

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"It gives me peace of mind knowing he’s on a truly healthy diet."

rice & peanut (overweight pet)

Our vet had been prescribing Peanut with a brand of vet prescribed pet food for his weight gain over the course of the thousand levels of quarantine’s we’ve had. We did feed him a lot of different goodies also since there were so many that caught our attention on social media! What’s strange is even after we stopped those goodies and switched to the vet prescribed food, his weight never improved. In fact, he became more lethargic pa. It was worrisome.

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"If you read this, google animal by-product and avoid at all costs!!!"

Melonie & Hammy (allergies)

Hammy was one of those dogs that went to the vet clinic so often, it was his second home. He always had red patches. If not, it would be rashes. He wore the e-collar so often we even had a stylish e-collar for him. Every time we were at the vet, same procedure lagi. Apoquel tapos vet prescribed skin care food niya. Never got better though. If anything, we thought normal nang ganun siya forever.

I stumbled upon a video of Halo Vegan food on IG.

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