CASE STUDY: Pet with Allergies

CASE STUDY: Pet with Allergies

“Hammy was one of those dogs that went to the vet clinic so often, it was his second home. He always had red patches. If not, it would be rashes. He wore the e-collar so often we even had a stylish e-collar for him. Every time we were at the vet, same procedure lagi. Apoquel tapos vet prescribed skin care food niya. Never got better though. If anything, we thought normal nang ganun siya forever.

I stumbled upon a video of Halo Vegan food on IG. I did what most responsible pet parent does nowadays – I googled it myself to find out more! It talks about the use of whole meat… In the case of the vegan food, meatless pa. It opened my eyes to the ingredients of pet food. Crazy to know that most brands use animal by-product and fillers sa food nila… All without consumers knowing it. Anyway, I’m always skeptical until actually seeing proof of concept so I bought one.

Siguro it wasn’t until after a month and a half of transition that I started to really notice na Hammy was scratching much less. We still did Apoquel sa vet – the vet even made a comment na parang nagiimprove but I didn’t think much of it. Tapos another month went by and wow, halos wala nang rashes, red patches or excessive itchiness at all. I thought, Apoquel effect?? Went back to the vet and he said no need for the Apoquel and he asked what changed. When I started to think, I had this sort of aha moment na, “YUNG FOOD!”

If you read this, google animal by-product and avoid at all costs!!! If you’re like me, it will save you… and your dog too.

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