CASE STUDY: Patchy skin in dog and Mounting Vet Costs

CASE STUDY: Patchy skin in dog and Mounting Vet Costs

“When we got Billie, he was full of life and his fur seemed to be in great condition. After a few months, we noticed that he started to scratch so much (especially behind his ears!) and that large clumps of fur would fall down. It got so bad that we had to let him wear the cone of shame- which he hated and would always try to bite.

We also started to have feeding problems with his old dog food- he would smell it and he would take a few bites but he would never finish the whole bowl- mind you, he eats EVERYTHING (rocks, leaves, plastic, etc). We tried out 2-4 different brands but he would never eat it. We had to resort to giving him milk for meals, which isn’t the most nutritious meal.

We decided that we needed to change his diet when we looked at our accumulated vet and pet food bills and decided that we needed to invest in something that was sure to improve both his skin and eating problems. We were advised to try Vigor & Sage by our vet. We were apprehensive at first since it is more costly than other pet foods, but out of desperation and weariness we decided to give it a try. To our surprise, he ate it all in one go! It took some convincing at first (we had to dampen the kibbles) but after a few weeks, he ate it all with so quickly and he stopped scratching as well!

We are so relieved that we are able to save on costs and can stop going to the vet for his fur problem!

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